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Week 12 – Activity 4

Week 12 – Activity 4

Introduction to the Comma

Students in Middle School regularly struggle to use commas effectively, and so with Grade 6 and 7 English students I typically take time each year to review how commas can be used effectively. This interactive video below would be used as part of a lesson introducing students to the comma, and would ask students to access prior knowledge, show their understanding of key ideas raised in the video, and then summarize their understanding as if teaching a classmate. The original video is drawn from Khan Academy and is a part of their series on punctuation, which you can explore here.

While watching the video, students should take time to answer each of the questions and review each prompt as they come up.


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  1. Hi Paul,

    I like how the questions you asked are not about the video, but about how to use commas effectively. This encourages students to pay attention to what is being said so they can use it. I really like how the summary question is about sharing the information learned from the video.


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