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Week 8- Activity 3: Recording and Editing Audio

Week 8- Activity 3: Recording and Editing Audio

For this clip I chose to record myself reading a short poem by A.A. Milne entitled Halfway Down. My grandfather used to read me these poems when I was little, and he once recorded this poem for me on an old tape recorder, so I felt like I had to make it my first recorded clip using Audacity.

Of course, after this I went back and edited this slightly, removing the first few seconds, as well as the last, so that there would be less “dead air”.

Finally I used the noise reduction tool to try and cut down on background noise, which I felt was helpful, and gave a more professional sound and sense of quality, although more noise reduction may have been helpful.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    This is some pretty good audio. Your voice is prominent and there isn’t much background noise (even before the filter). I think you’ll find that with longer voice recordings you’ll encounter more spots that need editing. At some point you’ll be looking at whether you want to edit out verbal mistakes or leave them in as authentic.

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