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Week 8- Activity 6

Week 8- Activity 6

For this activity I created a five minute synopsis of the conquests of Alexander of Macedon, and combined it with a short musical introduction that I made several years ago for my Youtube channel. My students like my bad dad jokes so several years ago I made a series of videos entitled bad dad jokes with Mr. B and included a musical intro I made. You can check out one of the videos below.


Anyways, I wanted to use the same introductory clip music for my audio file that I might use with students in my Social Studies 7 class, so I decided to try and download my own video off of Youtube as an Mp4 (you can find a tutorial on how to do this here) and then once I had the mp4 file open it with quicktime and export an mp3 that I could combine with my narrated story about Alexander the Great. No big deal, but it took longer than I thought it might! I also took the time to use the noise reduction tool, and for some reason it worked way better this time around, and you can really notice the difference between the musical intro (which was not noise reduced) and the rest of the narration.

You can listen to the audio clip here:

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