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An introduction

An introduction

Hello all! My name is Paul Bienvenu and I am a principal of an independent school in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Since my undergraduate degree in education, I have been interested in educational media, and have since spent time creating videos, texts, podcasts and stop motion animations to support my teaching practice. That being said, while I am a digital native, I still have a lot to learn.

I hope that EDDL 5131 helps me to continue to grow in my understanding of how to make use of educational media, and provides some ideas about how to create, locate and use media in my own practice.

I have always been a big fan of using audio files within my teaching practice and have lately been diving into one new (to me) podcast after another. If you are interested in a podcast that I find informative and fun, check out The Rest is History Podcast here: https://shows.acast.com/the-rest-is-history-podcast


Me in my happy place, thinking about what the world of ed media will look like as this one grows. 


  1. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the invite! I love The Rest is History, and am so often humbled by just how little I know about even monumental events of the past. And look at that little cutie…I am sure she could teach all of us a thing or two about ed media herself.

    Looking forward to learning alongside you!

  2. Thank you for the introduction, Paul. Your experience in multimedia is impressive, and I hope to learn from you as I seek to increase my tech literacy. In today’s world, technology is essential in many areas of our lives, from work to communication to home automation. As such, being proficient in technology can provide numerous benefits in both our personal and professional endeavors. All the best with the semester! Looking forward to learning alongside you!

  3. Hi Paul! Your daughter is adorable! I’ve tried to incorporate ed media in my courses for a few years as well but have kept mostly to video and graphic. Although I have a long commute and rely on podcasts for my sanity, the idea of creating audio files myself is intimidating. I look forward to challenging myself and learning from you this semester! Karine

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