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Week Four- No Coffee

Week Four- No Coffee

For this activity, I played a number of Blooket games with several of my family members. I typically use Blooket.com’s quiz games as a way to build a relationship with students, a positive extrinsic reward, or as a study tool that requires them to create a game with thoughtful quiz questions before we play. I have used it with students in a variety of ways, and was interested to see how it would be for a student with a visual disability to be able to play along.

The first thing I noticed is that students with colour deficiencies might have a hard time easily and quickly distinguishing between answers, as each is typically posted with a different colour background. I also found it very difficult to read some answers if some part of the screen was blocked due to a visual field issue. I wonder if the site could more be more accessible to students with visual impairments with a few adjustments; the first I would suggest would be for a user to be able to adjust where answers would appear on the screen. If a user had some ability adjust the layout of answers it might go a long way to allowing more users access.

The games on the site are so visual and require students to react quickly to what they read that I know they would be difficult to play for a student with a visual impairment. I wonder if they could develop a game which would require a student to react quickly to an auditory stimulus instead of a textual one – for instance the user could quickly respond when a correct answer to an auditory clue is given either with a click, or by selecting a particular response (yes/no, etc) that would be in a particular place on the screen. This would allow access to those with visual impairments and those who find reading quickly a challenge.

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